Personally i think such as the correct dated hag inside relationship

Personally i think such as the correct dated hag inside relationship

req: Hello baby, ought i ask you for an enthusiastic ateez reaction (99 lining to 2000 line) when someone informs the girlfriend(s) that they’re too girlsdateforfree old for them (she is 98 liner)

a/n: how i squealed in even though anon called me personally baby is just downright embarassing jdjdjdjdj anyways precious anon i altered it a small and you may don’t specify the age differences since everyone has an alternate thought of what’s ‘as well old’ and i desired to are hwa & joong too,, pledge that you don’t brain! ??


On account of their image, admirers have been very certain that he’d never ever go for good lady that was more than he had been and so the development out-of your relationships your emerged once the a shock to any or all. Because you got asked, the brand new statements and tweets you were getting marked for the have been reduced than simply charming, a lot of them concentrating on your actual age.

Once you showed those statements to help you Seonghwa, he would merely pull you down to sit on his lap and take your mobile away from you, revealing each and every article one to produced you feel like you have been quicker worthy of his love.


Hongjoong had delivered your back home to have a family gathering when one of is own younger long distance relative got become talking to your informally if you had been bound becoming young than simply Hongjoong. Whenever Hongjoong got advised their cousin that you were indeed more mature versus both, his relative had mentioned, “oh damn bro, why do you go for an adult lady?” before fast making their front side to catch with other loved ones. he had said they adore it intended just you did not avoid great deal of thought the whole evening.

“Exactly what Minjoon said is still bothering your?” Hongjoong questioned, sitting on the edge of their shared bed seeing you undress for a shower.

“Definitely not. And that i thought I feel warmer becoming me personally because you are more mature, I know you might accept all of the corners of me personally”


Once you got admitted into the aunt that you were dating Yunho, she had frowned and you will remarked, “You’re too-old to have him!He’s going to cheating on you having a young girl you to definitely go out if the he’s not already….” Your didn’t believe that the sibling could be thus unsupportive of your own connection with Yunho and you will wound-up weeping in order to him about this.

“Do you believe I am too-young for your requirements? Or I’m not ‘reliable’ and ‘mature’ including elderly the male is?” Yunho had questioned back, cleaning your tears out along with his thumb.


You and your nearest and dearest had been out for dinner in the event that question out-of extreme anyone else emerged and that means you indicated that you’re matchmaking Yeosang. Maybe it had been regarding jealousy (knowing that it located your extremely glamorous) but they already been saying things like “oh come on, i ladies should go for old guys until i’ve the money getting botox”

once you got gone back to your own common flat in order to yeosang undertaking a breathing apparatus, your wouldn’t assist however, start ranting on what your friends got told you and you will inquiring when the he don’t by doing this you used to be more mature.

yeosang would laugh and you will tease you in order to create it reduced severe, “actually a fair part elevated by her or him…..but you to definitely reality wouldn’t transform even if you have been ten years younger. But that is in addition to because I am Kang Yeosang therefore…..what is the real disease here, like?”

Just like Seonghwa, of numerous admirers believed that he would decide for a younger girl on account of how much cash he loves to look after anybody else. Therefore also, if the relationship development appeared, of a lot younger admirers had kept indicate statements towards your age.

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